Wedding Tips

You don’t have to pick between a beautiful wedding and all your savings!

There are ways to cut back on wedding costs and still have a lovely, full wedding. The cost of a wedding can get completely out of hand very quickly. Remember that there are very rich people out there who are willing to spend tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on their wedding. Wedding companies know this and they try to make sure they don’t miss out on these big fish. This is why prices can seem so exorbitant when looking at quotes online.

With a few smart tips you should be able to cut back the cost of your wedding without having to sacrifice much quality!

Here are some of our top tips from Trbevents:

  • Shop around

This one is a no brainer of course, but there are more reasons than one to shop around. Not only will you potentially find venues with better prices, you might actually find something that you like more!

Sometimes we can get an idea in our heads about where we want to have our wedding. Maybe you saw a Plaza wedding in a movie as a kid and you’ve always hoped your wedding would be there!


The Plaza, New York

But now that the special time is coming, you’ve realized that maybe the Plaza is outside your budget range!

Nothing to fear. The truth is, when you shop around you may actually end up finding something that you love even more than the idea you originally had. The world is a big place and there are many wedding venues in every major city in the US. If you shop around and look far and wide- even trying places you thought you might not like- you never know, you might unearth a real gem!

  •  Have your wedding on a non-prime day

Most weddings take place on a saturday or sunday, but there are other alternatives. Depending on your needs, it might be okay for you to have a weekday or a friday afternoon wedding.

Many wedding venues offer cheaper rates for weddings taking place on days other than saturday or sunday. This could be your way of cutting back on expensive venue rental fees.

  •  Having the reception at a restaurant

Some wedding venues cater to both major parts of a wedding- the ceremony as well as the reception. Maybe you do not need to have the reception at the same place that you have the ceremony. If you have your heart set on a certain place for the ceremony, there is always the option of only doing the ceremony there and having the reception somewhere else.

resteraunt reception

Restaurant receptions can be lovely!

Many restaurants offer service events. You can rent a decent, private area in a nearby restaurant to have your reception. This is a potentially decent way to lower costs on your reception.

  • Renting a wedding dress or tux

If you are not the type who feels the sentimental need to own your wedding dress or tux, you can rent them instead of buying them. Afterall, are you ever going to wear it again? Once the novelty wears off, you will probably pull it out of the closet to look at once every few years. Maybe you don’t need- afterall, you have the memories of your special day and that is what matters most.

  •  Getting a family or friend to be the photographer

Photographers can be expensive. These days cameras are so good that you don’t need a degree in photography to take some nice photos.

wedding photographer


Is there anyone skilled at photography in your family? Maybe you can offer them a small amount for taking photos on the special day. You can even rent a super high quality camera if you don’t already have one.

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