Honeymoon Plans

So, you have the wedding all set up and ready to go, but what about the honeymoon? Most couples go all out and stay at the best resorts on the most expensive islands you can imagine. Others are on a tight budget and can only afford a less expensive destination.

Now, this doesn’t mean that the destination is any less then someone who have $10,000 to spend on a honeymoon, but it does mean that it will be a bit more quaint!

There are many options when it comes to the honeymoon because you only need to worry about you and your spouse. No one else will be there to cater to and you can just sit back and relax. A good place to start looking is locally to where you live.

Outdoor Cabin

If you like the outdoorsy lifestyle, you could stay a cute cabin. You can save money while still enjoying the great outdoors with your new husband/wife!


Bed and Breakfast

If you would rather skip the outdoors honeymoon, then you might enjoy a cute bed and breakfast in a nicer part of town! These can be really inexpensive and quite relaxing. You will have a great time just exploring the new area and hanging out.

Honeymoon Suite


Tropical Islands

Another option is possibly going a tropical island like the Bahamas, St.Lucia or even the Florida Keys! If you live in America, these are great options that don’t cost too much and they are really exciting and fun experiences.

Bahamas Wedding


Disney World/Land

If you happen to live in the US, another great option is Disney World (or Disney Land in California)! If you love Disney and having a great time in that kind of environment then you would have an awesome time! You can book a low costing hotel and stay for a few days to enjoy all the parks, but still have a relaxing time.

disney honeymonn

One thing to make sure of is to check prices and availability in advance, because you don’t want to get stung with not having enough or not having space when you are getting married. Book it in as soon as possible!

It might take a bit of research to find your honeymoon spot, but either way you can look on the bright side of things and realize that you married your best friend and you will have fun wherever you choose to go!

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