DIY Wedding Ideas

DIY (Do it yourself) weddings are always a hit because they have a personal touch and it makes for really unique and cool decorations, cakes and flower arrangements.

Flowers can be expensive, but if you can either buy them in bulk or even make fake flower bouquets and centerpieces, you will be able to save and still have beautiful decor. A good place to get bulk real flowers is somewhere like Costco or Sam’s Club. You can find fresh flowers and at a good price to then make your own bouquets and boutineers. Here is an example of a bouquet you can make yourself! All you will need other then the flowers is a nice ribbon that matches your theme and some pins!

Rose Bouquet

Food can be a tricky thing, but if you can find a family owned restaurant who caters or even have family/friends cook you can save a ton of money but still get quality food!

Buffet Table


Decorations are important if you want to have a certain theme at your wedding. They can also be costly, but not if you make your own! This can be a fun project and it would be even easier if you had people helping you too! Go to a thrift store, craft store and take a look on Pinterest to get ideas and you will have some beautiful looking decorations in no time!

Invitation Cards

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