5 Best Indian Destination Wedding Photographers

A good Destination Wedding Photographer is crucial for your destination wedding if you want some amazing pictures with your gorgeous backdrop. While you could choose a normal wedding photographer for this task, choosing the best is always important if you want good quality photographs and if you want a great Wedding album.

So to help you in choosing an Indian Destination Wedding Photographer for your wedding, we have compiled a list of the top Indian Destination Wedding Photographers. These teams are the best out there and would never disappoint you.

Ramit Batra Photography

One of the best Indian Wedding Photographers out there, Ramit Batra is from Delhi and is appreciated for his great work as he pays extra attention to the details making sure that he captures the essence of his subjects. A passionate photographer, he likes to take photographs of his subjects in the natural environment and is known for his great quality outdoor shoots.

He knows a variety of languages which makes him a great choice for various types of weddings such as Bengali Weddings, Christian Weddings, Sikh Weddings, Maharashtrian Weddings, and the list goes on. If you are looking for some really different and amazing destination wedding photographers, then he is your guy.


Another great Indian Photography team for Destination Weddings, Candidtales not only provide you with high-quality and creative photographs, but they also help in capturing your emotions and love for each other in the form of a photograph. This team is great at capturing candid and posed photographs and turn it into a story which is self-revealing. One look at their photograph and you would know what was happening behind the frame.

This great team provides you with not only a great photography experience but also with a great cinematography so you can be rest assured that your wedding will be perfectly documented by this team and you will be able to freely relive your wedding day later.

The Creative Lens

Shweta and Soumik are the creative heads behind this amazing Indian Photography team and document your wedding the way you envisioned it. Their beautifully captured pictures leave their clients more than happy with their enthusiasm and detailed perfection. This team will make you feel at ease and make you feel like that they are just your friends who are shooting for your wedding and are genuinely happy for it.

As they are really passionate about their work and love to capture weddings in various locations, their work reflects the same. So if you are looking for an awesome duo to capture your Destination Wedding with utmost care and perfection, this team is a great choice for you.

Sharik Verma

This Delhi based Wedding Photography Company by Sharik Verma is a great option for you if you are looking for a good Destination Wedding Photographer. As he has covered tons of Destination Weddings, he has mastered the art of capturing moments at new, different places with ease. His pictures would leave you awed and make you marvel at the beauty of the couple and the backdrop.

This amazing photographer will give you the perfect photographs for your fairytale wedding and make you feel like the most beautiful couple in the world. So if you are looking for someone whose work speaks a thousand words, then he is the one


This former winner of prestigious award ‘Better Photography Wedding Photographer Of The Year’ in 2012, is a Kolkata based company known for its dramatic photo shoots both pre-wedding and post-wedding. The man behind this company is Prasanta Singh whose passion has made him one of the top Indian Wedding Photographers.

His love and passion for photography can be easily seen through his captured photographs which make him different and his work even more genuine. So if you are looking for someone to make your wedding truly memorable, this should be your person.


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